LED Walkway Lighting

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LED Walkway Lighting

Use bright, durable, and energy-saving LED walkway lighting to illuminate indoor staircases, garden paths, office hallways, and other dimly lit traffic areas.

In your home or office, having illuminated stairs is a dramatic aesthetic improvement that will also increase safety, especially for seniors and small children. Despite its benefits, this improvement has traditionally been overlooked due to concerns about increased energy consumption and difficult installation.

LED walkway lighting can be used to illuminate your staircase while avoiding these concerns – Flexfire’s UL Listed LED strip lights use 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, generate virtually no heat, and are easy to install with versatile products such as UltraBright™ and ColorBright™ series LED strip lights. Further, high quality LED lights last up to 50,000 hours, meaning they’ll brighten your day for more than a decade.

These benefits apply when using LEDs in other sorts of high traffic areas as well. LED walkway lighting can be used to beautifully accentuate home garden paths, office hallways and outdoor corporate plazas, with multiple color and brightness options to choose from. Wherever you go, use LEDs to light the way.


Choose one of our convenient Flexfire LEDs strip light kits to suit the appropriate brightness, length and color of your LED walkway lighting project:

UltraBright LED Strip Light Kits       ColorBright LED Strip Light Kits

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