Avoid Cheap LED Strip Lights

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We are often asked about the difference between Flexfire LED strip lights and those found on discount or auction sites such as Amazon and Ebay. To illustrate the many differences, we purchased LED strip lights from Ebay to compare them with the premium LED strips from Flexfire LEDs. The video below reviews some of the key reasons why we think you should avoid cheap LED strip lights.

To summarize, here are a few of the key factors to look for when shopping for LED strip lights:

Lumens – This is a measurement of the brightness each strip emits. If lumen level is not mentioned, it is best to call and ask, or avoid the seller altogether.

Safety Certifications – It is difficult to verify a seller’s safety claims using Amazon or Ebay alone. Check the UL Listing or RoHS registry to make sure the LEDs are safe and do not contain lead or other hazardous materials.

Material Quality – Product performance and longevity is determined not just by the quality of the LED chips, but the thickness and materials used in the PCB board, resistors, wires, and soldering.

Test Reports – Ask for test reports to verify claims of brightness and longevity. These may include LM-79 testing, IES reports, etc.

Warranty, Customer Service, and Installation/Design Assistance – We are here to help design your project, no matter what the size. Our LED strip lights represent the highest quality found on the market today, and will be lighting your project area for many years to come.

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